Japanese / English

Weave original story

Weave word. Weave memory. Weave fate. Weave dream.

We help you weave your original story through learning English and international communication on our stage, Akita.


Learn English

Connect to the world through English learning!


We provide a private lesson following each student's level and request for kids who are interested in English learning, junior or high school students who prepare for entrance exam, adults who try to learn Business English or improve TOEIC or TOEFL score.


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Course & Price

Now, we provide several types of course for elementary school student, junior high school student, high school student/ university student/ adult.


In addition, we have a single lesson.




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We are planning an event or a workshop inviting some Japanese guests or guests from overseas in our space. 







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HP renewal!

Coached a student who is going to participate in English recitation & speech contest in Akita city.

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Coached how to pronounce English lyrics in Motegi Misao music room. Check details≫

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