Started to teach English conversation in the English club in a university.

All students are trying to speak English actively, so I feel their thoughts that they really want to improve the English skill!!

It stimulated me too. :)



I hope it can be a help for them to make their dream come true.


We had "an English Café x Mikuramachi Parlor 1st-year Anniversary Party"!

Actually, we wanted to invite more people; however, we could not celebrate it largely because of COVID-19. So, we held a small party with participants who have joined frequently.

Special thanks to the café owner and a participant, N-san for the nice dinner and ONIGIRI!


We started English Café with the idea that "If we do not have many places and opportunities to speak English in Akita, we should make one!" 

Thanks to the cooperation and participation of many people, we were able to reach the 41st time.


I wish we could get together with a larger number of people next year...


Playing some games after dinner. ⇒


I coached in "ANBE English" which is an English education project provided by Travel Design Co., Ltd. 

The theme was "a self-introduction which makes foreigners interested in you". The lessons were conducted twice (1st: Private Lesson 2nd: Group Lesson), and people who have various background participated in them! In the Group Lesson, all participants did self-introductions each other and enjoyed small talk too!


Recently, we cannot go out freely due to corona virus. So, let's enjoy our time at home! We decided to make ¥500 discount for new students who wish to take online single lessons! (finished)

We hope you can enjoy fully the charm of online lessons. :D


Yesterday, 6 people who have various background like from Germany and China, joined the first English Café x Matsushita. :) During the event, Matsushita Syubou filled with the warmth of Akita cider became an international space.

In English Café x Matsushita, we serve "Matcha" which is a Japanese traditional style green tea, for a limited season only. The "Match" that Matsunoko-san served one by one was flavory and filled the participants' heart and body. We had the peanuts which brought us a sense of the season, and a traditional confection in Akita, called "Morokoshi", together. The bowls were selected by her based on the image of each participant.

One participant brought "Soba Manju", made from soba powder containing bean-jam, which also tasted good. <3 We spent a precious time enjoying the English conversation.

Next event will be at 17:00-19:00 on Wed. 19th Feb.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


The first Tsumugu Project, "Piano Master Course with Sayaka Wada, a lecturer of Senzoku Gakuen college of Music" was conducted on last weekend!

Students in a wide age range participated this project, from elementary school students to adults in 40s. Everyone was trying to express their own music by the piano.


I am so happy to be able to connect this fate, which I got from my studying abroad in Hungary,  with my hometown, Akita. We are planning to held Piano Master Course, workshop regularly and arrange the piano study tour to Hungary!


Students taking musical course in Motegi Misao Music Room played a musical show. They proudly performed the act and the songs in front of audience.


They enriched their understanding about English lyrics and improved pronunciation skill step by step since this April. At the end, one of students gave me the wonderful comment, "I love English more and more!"


I appreciate Ms. Misao Motegi who gave me this great opportunity! :D 


Opened first English Café x Mikuramachi Parlor

We thought the number of participants might be few because it was the first event. However, at pre-signups, 5 people contacted us. So, we were able to hold the event in a friendly atmosphere.


The event dates on Dec. are 9th, 16th and 23rd. We are also planning to hold a fun relevant event after January. Please feel free to join us! We are looking forward to seeing you in the event. :D


Coached a student who is going to participate in English recitation & speech contest in Akita city. Fortuitously, my former teacher attended the contest as a judge, which made me surprised and feel a strong fate.


Coached how to pronounce English lyrics in musical course held in Motegi Misao music room.

The name of program is "The Greatest Showman".

It will be performed on Dec. 2019. :)


Since June 2019, I have been coaching English in "Ugo Eigo", which aims to provide a practical English training for Ugo High school students.

It was interviewed by the local media, ABS.