Japanese / English


Fun English learning (Skill up/ Speech Contest)


During the first lesson, I told the tutor that I love Disney movies. Then, the tutor used one of them as a teaching material, which made me happy and motivated to study English more.

In addition, the tutor taught correct pronunciations during lessons for English Speech Contest. So, I could study a lot of unfamiliar words and get new knowledge. 


H・T(Japanese /Akita City/ Junior High School Student)

I have a great time using English! (Skill up/ IELTS course)


My recommendations of this lesson are following 2 points. First, the tutor always teaches English politely. Second, the tutor provides lessons following the student's level and goal. During every lesson, we have a free conversation in English. It is my favorite part, and I always enjoy it. I feel I can improve my English skill step by step talking about day-to-day event.



D・T (Taiwanese /Ugo Town/ Working Adult)

To "use" English (English Essay Writing/ Interview)


What do you study English for? It will be different depending on the person such as for entrance exam or hobby.

This lesson was a great opportunity for me not only to study English as a language, but also to deeply think about humanly part such as what I want to do using English as a "tool".

Thanks to this experience, I'm now living freely in the world!


Fall in 2016 Entered Akita International University

Y・K (Japanese / Akita City/ University Student)